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  1. Coding is great FUN. We have just finished The Hour of Code in our class and some people are moving onto completing Course 1. The students in Room Totara are really enjoying it – so much that they are asking to take their login details home so they can do more at home.
    We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are.

    • Yes! We are using code.org as well. We started with course 1, maybe we will do a full hour of code later in the year when we have more devices to work with 🙂 Is your school 1:1 with electronic devices?

      • Hi Ms Pjura
        We currently have 19 iPads in our classroom. We will hopefully be going 1:1 with iPads after our school holidays which will be quite exciting.
        We were able to use iPads, laptops and Macs to access our coding each afternoon. We could also borrow other classes iPads if we were short.
        After a few weeks of coding we already have students onto Course 2. Some students have even taken their logins home for the holidays and are continuing to persevere with coding at home.

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