JA BizTown

What a fun day! On Wednesday we went to JA BizTown for our first fourth grade field trip (can’t wait for science camp in February!). We were able to act like adults for the day. We had jobs and a bank account to manage. We even got to go shopping!! Everyone worked hard all day and 10 out of the 15 businesses paid of their business loans. It was exciting and exhausting!

img_3670 img_3673 img_3672 img_3671

img_3674 img_3679 img_3675 img_3681 img_3682 img_3686 img_3685 img_3684 img_3687 img_3688

img_3689 img_3690 img_3692

img_3696 img_3699 img_3697 img_3698


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