Types of Rocks

We learned all about the rock cycle this week.  There are three different types of rocks, metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary and we found how they were made. Igneous rock is made when rock is exposed to very high temperatures, it melts, then cools and forms igneous rock. Sedimentary rock is made when little tiny pebbles and/or sand get smushed together, and metamorphic rock is formed when pieces of rock get smushed together and heated (but not melted). We were able to use Starbursts to make models of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. 

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Dirt Cakes!

I gave the kiddos a recipe to follow to make an unknown treat! They had a list off all the ingredients and steps to make it (the key details). They had to figure out what they were making (the main idea). We followed the recipe and then I told them they can eat it! Oh boy were they HAPPY! 

img_3530 img_3529 img_3527 img_3526 img_3523 img_3521 img_3524

Erosion Madness!

Last week we did a experiment with dirt and water where the students got objects to prevent  erosion. We did all sorts of weathering such as earthquakes, tides, rain, and hard wind! All the students did a outstanding job! 

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Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition


Welcome back from Fall Break!! On Monday we reviewed the weathering process with a fun little relay race. The students built a tower of legos then the relay race began! They weathered (broke off a Lego), eroded (transported the Lego down the field), and deposited their building one piece at a time. It was lots of fun!

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