Respiratory System

Today we learned about the lungs and the respiratory system. The lungs give oxygen to our blood. The blood transports the oxygen to our muscles, and collects waste like carbon dioxide to transport back to the lungs. The lungs then get rid of the waste when we exhale. We conducted an experiment to see how strong our lungs are and then discussed ways to strengthen our lungs. The question: How long can you keep the ping pong ball floating in the air using the power of your lungs and a straw?

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Circulatory System

We’ve been learning about all the different body systems.  Earlier in the week we learned about the skeletal and muscular system and how they work together to help our bodies move. Today we learned about the heart and the circulatory system. We felt our heart and our pulse. Then, we put a marshmallow and toothpick on our wrist (where we felt our pulse) so that we could SEE our pulse. It was super cool!

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OREO Project

We had a ton of fun participating in the world-wide OREO challenge. On Thursday we stacked the Oreos, recorded our data, then found the mean, mode, and median of the class’ data. Our mean (average) stack was 26 Oreos. The mode and median were both 25 Oreos.

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