STEM Friday

Challenge: Create a tool, using the materials provided, that will allow your team to stack and unstack six cups.

Materials: Five pieces of yarn and one rubber band

Rules: Only the tool can touch the cups.  Hands can only touch the yarn.

IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242

2 thoughts on “STEM Friday

  1. We love looking at your STEM Challenges. You might have seen a newspaper article about our school that we posted to our blog last week. We are a part of four schools that are beginning to include STEM into our school programme.
    When we look at your challenges we get very excited and can’t wait to see what we will be doing. Where do you find your STEM Challenges?

    • We haven’t seen the newspaper article 🙁 We will have to look back on your blog to check that out. I am so glad you are enjoying our STEM posts, I hope they are giving you good ideas. I get my STEM challenges from Pinterest (, Teachers Pay Teachers (, and other teacher friends. We love our “Fun STEM Fridays”. We can’t wait to see the excited STEM projects your class will complete this year.

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