The Muscular System

We pretended to be personal trainers today.  We tried to identify exercises that targeted specific muscle groups like the pectorals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, and yes even the gluteus maximus.

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Speed, Distance, and Time

After we practiced coding and using the Spheros we were able to program them so that we could find the relationship between speed, distance, and time.  We found that they have a linear relationship, meaning if you increase the speed the distance will, proportionally, increase.  For example, at 20% speed the Sphero rolled 60 inches, at 40% speed it rolled 120 inches, and at 60% speed it rolled 180 inches.  We found that the same pattern occurred when the speed stayed constant but we increased the time.  Thank you so much to Mrs. Houseman, who let us borrow her Spheros for the week!

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Profit and Loss

In Junior Achievement this week we learned about revenue and expenses.  When you are running your own business you will earn money from your products or services but you will also have things you have to spend money on such as advertisements and employees.  We played a super fun game that taught us how to calculate our profit 🙂 or loss 🙁 when owning a business.  If you owned your own business what would it be?

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