Fun STEM Friday

Challenge: Build the tallest, free-standing, tower with 100 straws, masking tape, and one pair of scissors.

We used our prior knowledge from our previous challenges (marshmallow and toothpick, spaghetti and index card towers) to help us be successful.  From those challenges we learned that we need a big, strong base for support.

Our tallest structure was  33 inches tall, that’s almost 3 feet!!

*Don’t mind our painted faces, it was NFL day 🙂

IMG_0377 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395 IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0392 IMG_0391 IMG_0390 IMG_0389 IMG_0388 IMG_0387 IMG_0386 IMG_0383 IMG_0382 IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0379 IMG_0378

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