We have been working on our reading fluency (reading smoothly and using clues, such as punctuation and size of text, to read with expression).  Elephant and Piggie books are super fun and perfect for some fluency practice.

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Walking Water

Our latest and greatest experiment … Walking Water.  Our question was, “Which set of cups will allow the water to walk the most?”.  Max suggested a time lapse video and set it all up for us.  Thanks Max 🙂

Egg Experiment

We have been conducting a science experiment to see what vinegar would do to a hard boiled egg.  First we tested the strength of a regular hard boiled egg.  We dropped it from the height of our table signs to see what would happen.  The regular hard boiled egg cracked open.  Then for four days we soaked hard boiled eggs in vinegar.  Some hypothesized the vinegar would make the egg stronger (it would bounce and not crack when dropped) and others thought it would make the egg weaker (it would “explode” when it was dropped).  We observed them throughout the week.

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Today, we tested them.

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We found out that the vinegar makes the eggs stronger and rubbery.  Instead of cracking open they just became dented and misshaped.

I wonder what would happen if we put a non-hard boiled egg in vinegar …

Today’s STEM Challenge: build the tallest structure that will support one large marshmallow.

This was harder than we thought =0

We learned that a marshmallow is heavier than we thought, you need a large base to support the marshmallow, and the more tape the better!

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Saving Fred

Tuesday we discussed that STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Then we brainstormed what each of those are; what do you do if you are an engineer or a scientist.  Next, we learned the rules and steps of the STEM process (ask, imagine, plan, create, improve).  Finally we used what we’ve learned to Continue reading →

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Yay for the first day of school!  This is going to be an amazing year.  Today we had lots of fun meeting new friends, popping balloons (and watching Ms. Pjura jump EVERY time), writing a classroom promise, and doing a little “experiment” with toothpaste (our desks (and hands) are now minty fresh).  We learned that once the toothpaste is out it’s VERY hard to put it back in.  Just like when we talk, we need to think about what we say before we say something we can’t take back.

Day one complete!  I can’t wait for day two 🙂



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