Oil Spill!

Accidents happen, right?  Sometimes oil gets spilt into the oceans by tanker ship that are transporting the oil.  We learned that it is very difficult to safely remove the oil from the water as well as clean it off animals and plant life.

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Ocean Zones

We’ve been learning lots about the ocean this week.  Today we learned about the different ocean zones.  Theres the Sunlit Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone and the Abyss.  We also learned about the different fish and mammals that live in each of the zones.

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Don’t be Crabby

We have been learning about all the different creatures that live in the ocean.  We made some cute fish earlier this week and yesterday we made some crabby crabs.  We have baby crabs, girl crabs, vampire crabs, and even a crab with a mustache!! 

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