Quilt Project

Our class is doing another “Project by Jen”.  This time we are working with classes around the United States to create a piece of art.  This year’s theme … Quilts.  We colored our quilt blocks that we will send off to other schools around the country.  Then we played a fun game with quilt blocks.  We had to manipulate our individual quilt blocks so that our quilt looked like the one Ms. Pjura showed on the SmartBoard.  We had lots of fun.

IMG_2451 IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2454 IMG_2455 IMG_2456 AFAD63D0-183F-4BA1-9A07-9B7604A857DA 9B2666F8-61F2-4EA5-826A-B323C26F9215 9E1E627B-2929-41B1-8E46-ED4DF140F942 308CC270-814B-4AF2-8028-BA2789E2850A D49AC505-21A6-449E-AA34-48BBAFFE2127 47309141-753A-4985-BB7B-5446D0977A43 CA635E59-EE46-4074-9B81-59EE2AC11B65 68C8009E-E253-4FAD-A7DF-2EE521CAEC0C

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