Peep Mobiles

We experimented with ramps (inclined planes) earlier this week.  On Wednesday we switched gears (pun intended) and experimented with the simple machines, wheel and axel.  To do this we designed and constructed “peep mobiles” for our little chickie peeps.  The materials that we were able to use were: 3 straws, 4 life saver mints, one square of cardboard, paper, tape, and of course one chickie peep as the driver.  We wanted to see who could build a peep mobile that would travel the farthest on 3 puffs of air.  We quickly realized that in order for a vehicle to be, efficiently, propelled by air it needs a sail.  Here’s a little video from our peep mobile experiment.

Peep Mobiles from Christina Pjura on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Peep Mobiles

  1. Hi I’m from mrs.Quigleys class I’m glad you made that it looked like fun. I liked the flag things and how you blew. My brother one time had to make a car out of wood and it took him a while but he got it to work. Thanks for the video! Do you have any other contest? Thanks as i watched through the video it was cool to see the work you did! Thanks and bye.

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